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Larkana Girl Marvi Working in an NGO Photo


Marvi is a Larkana Girl. Marvi is of Sindhi decent. She is well educated, well mannered and have very elegant personality. Marvi came from an influential family and after complete her studies now she is working as a social worker and have opened up an NGO to help support the poor village woman and tenants.

This work is challenging for her, it was not easy for her to start an NGO as she came from a feudal family. Everyone was opposing her work but somehow she worked it with her father and he allowed her to start her NGO.

Architects of organizations and institutions usually have a lot of urge and positive dreams to start-off ground-breaking work, and become popular within their organizations. But along the way, confusion crops in -at the time when prospects begin to show up. At take-off stage, the founders and administrators sooner than later begin to focus on the small financial benefits that start to flow in, scramble for shares, struggle for more influence or power, and mud-splash one another to force some of the “undesirable” founders and executives out of office.

The job has been proven as challenging as it could be but working for poor is a life changing experience for Marvi. After a lot of requests we are allowed by Marvi to put her profile here. This profile is not here for any dating purposes, this is only for social networking.