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Hot Abbottabad Girl Need A Boyfriend

Mahnoor is a nice sincere loving desi girl. She born in Abbottabad, and also living near Murree Road, Abbottabad City. Mahnoor aims to be a Actress. She is so beautiful, and also giving some trials in local theater. She is charming and hot looking Pakistani Girl. Enjoy Desi Pakistani Girl Photo.
Abbottabad is a city located in the Hazara region of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province (KPK) in Pakistan. The city is situated in the Orash Valley, 50 kilometres northeast of the capital Islamabad.
Mahnoor house is situated near a beautiful Vally, she enjoy a lot those green fields and long palm trees. She have studied in Abbottabad Model Girl College. She is keen to have lot of friends, no matter they are girls or boys. Because she grow in a very liberal and moderate environment when she was in KG class. She was in UK in her childhood, later her family migrated to Abbottabad city.

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Miss Saima: 03002562366

Beautiful Abbottabad girl can’t live without a real loving partner. She is loving desi girl so expecting a handsome and loving heart person who can make her happy. She desire a boyfriend who full fill her all desires. She is agree make any commitments with her boyfriend if she really think that guy is her guy. Look smart guys!! and try to persuade this KPK Girl if you can 🙂


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Hot Rawalpindi Girl From Pakistan

Rawalpindi is the fourth largest city in Pakistan after Karachi, Lahore and Faisalabad. Rawalpindi and Islamabad are twin cities of Pakistan where beauties born , live and always enjoy. Party nights in Islamabad are famous nights over the Pakistan. This pretty desi Pakistani Girl, Asma is living in off the road area of Rawalpindi. Where mostly night clubs exists. She is liberal mind girl and always looking for new friendships, meetups and gathering. She think she only deserve party boys for fun and games. This Rawalpindi Girl likes to play Chess, if you know it then try to talk to her by mobile or by chat. Hot Pakistani Girls don’t want to disclose her number via So be tiger and find her via email. And also if you want any desi aunty from Pakistan, she may can help you to find.

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Pakistani girl hot photos collection

Young aunties and young girls in Pakistan are always called Desi babes . because Desi girls and aunties make you more pleasure able than modern girls. Traditional girls from Pakistan are more beautiful and passionate in life. Sexual life always successful in Pakistan with following kind of Pakistani girls.

This is young desi Pakistani girls private pics collection, she have provided these snapes via email and we are going to publish after review it.

She is actually looking for online friend, if do you have chance to comment below you can ask to her about her timings for online dating.



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Aamna Khan Beautiful Pakistani girl from Karachi

Do you have any Karachi girl Mobile number? This is common question I have been hear since I am using Mobile phone. Many schools and college friends share Pakistani girls mobile numbers to each other and have a fun. What kind of fun boys having with talking to Paki girls, specially talking to Karachi girls on mobile. The answer is very simple, same fun and pleasure they feel that girls feels when they talk to boys.

I want to start this thread to share some hot Karachi girls mobile numbers and get their list of cell numbers from all around the Karachi and Pakistan. Hot and desi girls mobile numbers is not easy to find but have been good hobby of you guys. Let me share with you some Karachi girls Mobile numbers as well as other Pakistani girls cell numbers here.

Karachi Girls Mobile number

Faryal Sheikh – 0333-7513220 (New number)

0347-9721507 saba
0336-7075481 ayesha
0315-7667961 sidra

Maryam shafat

Shakella Kazmi …..


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Beautiful Pakistani girl wants mobile friends

Desi Pakistani girls don’t having much proposals for marriage since unemployment is raised. Hot Beauty and sweetness is part of Paki girls but problem is money. Yes most of the Pakistani boys do not want girl without job, because they want to have their life partner happy for life. and Most of families don’t have sufficient income to arrange dowry of their girls to marry them.
Happiness not only comes through wealth, its common quote. But if we see nowadays it not true as most of boys not want marriage without money. Pakistani girls wasting their virginity without marriage and culture is going to sin. if we look at the main reason, it is unemployment.

The following Pakistani girl wants friendship on mobile phone, because mobile is one source for paki girls to get their proposals for marriage. how? yes its being possible nowadays due to understanding of boys and girls each other through mobiles, otherwise paki culture not allow to the girls to meet the boys directly.

Pakistani girl having mobile numbers but she don’t want to share with every one as its not easy to manage the unknown people’s calls. they have to contact online before talking.

desi girl

young pakistani girl

desi girls dancing in pakistan


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Sialkot Girl looking for loyal friends

Daska is a growing industrial city with a population of around 300,000 in the Punjab province of Pakistan.
The Daska Tehsil is one of four tehsils of Sialkot District.

Our desi girl is belong to Daska, you can say her Sialkot girl or Daska girl. It not an issue, the issue is loyalty and lake of friendship in Daska.
She belongs to middle family that is why having trouble to go to well educated societies but want to be well educated, that is why she studying in Sialkot degree college for women in computer studies. She want be a more educated. This Sialkot girl thinks she can find her life-partner her self, her parents will also happy if she will find her love by her self. Actually the problem she having is… lake of loyalty in daska. She wants true friendship boy who never cheat her and make her happy for long life.
Desi sialkot girl


Desi Girls,

Pakistani girls are in trouble due to Mobile numbers

Since the mobile phone technology come to the Pakistan, every body in the country having good benefit due to it. Talking to our friends or relatives every thing become so easy. Mobile has been spread to all the country even a poor person of the country having expansive mobile. Its observation and we have seen many times on different places some beggars talking on mobile phones to their girls friends or friends. huh!

So I was writing about Pakistani girls problems which are critical nowadays. These are directly linked to Mobile technology. “Mobile numbers of girls” this is most famous query on the internet and people from India, Bangladesh, Pakistan are the majority who always search it on Google to find the girls mobile numbers. But most of the mobile numbers, I will say 90% girls mobile numbers are fake on these type of pages. But 10% are original mobile numbers which are also not comes directly from girls. But they are leaked from their boys friends or enemies.

Yesterday, my friend Kiran was telling me that her mobile number is leaked and some boys are calling her to teas her and she is very upset. She can’t change the mobile number as it is her personal number for her family and friends.

Many boyfriends cheats the girls and then also thread them that they will put her mobile number on internet.
Same issue with the innocent girls photos, some people publish those girls photos with out any permission of them.
Its serious issue nowadays with Pakistani girls. I know Bangladesh is also facing similar problems. About India, that scene is little different. Indian having sex and hot girls their girls not feel problem to share their numbers to the guys. But not all rather than majority of the Indian girls.

Pakistani girls should care in having friendship with boys, and do not give them their personal matters like photos and personal numbers until they know them very well. These all suggestions are what Kiran told me.

aysha hot Pakistani girl


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Karachi girl having fun day in her school

Sumeen is beautiful Pakistani girl, She is studying in St Patrick School. St Patrick’s High School is located in Saddar Town in Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan. This is one of the oldest schools in Pakistan.
Sumeen is cute and friendly babe. Her nature is too soft. She have lot of friends in her school and on mobile. She welcome us to become her mobile friend, before having her cell number she would like to chat or email with you. Sumeen always prefer to having intelligent friend in her school who can help her during exams. She is self motivated girl because her father is a wealthy business man and busy all the year. She miss her father on her each day of the life, because according to her, if your parents are busy then your life is not easy. She loves to her parents. May be this is a reason she is self motivational girl and want more and more friends to overcome her loneliness. Good friends always make you happy and be a cause of your long life. Sumeen told us before going back to the class.