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Punjabi Girls and Extravagant Punjabi Marriage


Beautiful Punjabi girls enjoying dancing in Churidar Pajama dress. This picture is taken in by someone in wedding. Punjabis believe in doing everything larger than life and a special occasion like marriage is celebrated like a big carnival, exhibiting splendid glamor. Like, all other communities in India, Punjabis have their own series of rituals and ceremonies to perform.

Punjabi matrimony involves the usual girl made to meet the boy or vice versa. Like all other Indian matrimonial services, they prefer getting their children married in the same religion or caste.

Punjabi Girls and Extravagant Punjabi Marriage

The girl and the boy are made to meet each other in the usual arrange marriage kind of manner. After their mutual consent, the first ceremony is ‘Roka’ or ‘Thaka’, where the girl’s father accompanied with some relatives and friends visit the young man’s house along with some sweets and presents. Then a formal engagement ceremony ‘mangani’ is organized when the boy’s family returns the visit and in the presence of friends and relatives the intended marriage is announced.

After getting engaged, both the girl and the boy enjoy their courtship, the period when they get to know more about each other. And then, the preparations for the grand Punjabi wedding begin. Wedding begins with ‘Akhand Path’, which ends with a ceremony called ‘Sagan’. Then in the evening, the most awaited ‘Mehndi ki raat’ is celebrated. Popularly know as ‘Ladies Sangeet’, it is one of the most exciting rituals in Punjabi marriages.

Then the grand wedding day arrives, which begins with Chuda & Ghara Ghardoli: During the Chuda ceremony, the oldest maternal uncle and aunt have the most active role to perform. As Punjabis love eating, both Sikh and Hindu weddings are marked by more feasting. The concluding item is doli, literally “palanquin”, when the bride is given an emotional farewell by her family and friends.