They must learn to differentiate


I feel like I have to discuss another dumb thing that I could never understand about male and female relationships, especially with the way Arabs view it. Or maybe it is how everyone views it, who knows. Personally, I can tell the difference between a compliment and flirting. Some people can’t, especially Arabs. Once a guy says anything nice to a girl, like your hair looks nice today, or you got a nice outfit on, then bam, IT IS FLIRTING to the MAX!! ???? And some think it is WRONG to do and BAD manners! OH NO! HE IS HITTING ON ME!!

I think I am missing something here, because if someone said that to me, I would smile and say, “THANKS!” End of story. Learn to take a compliment people. It is not flirting! There is a huge ass difference between the two. If you like something, you say that you do. It’s natural, and it’s not really a big deal. It is just flattering, that’s it.

Why do many people label it as flirting????? Or worse yet, some people think it is the first signs of true love.

I feel like barfing!

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