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Zaira Batool Doing Online MBA From UK


Zaira Batool belongs to Lahore. Zaira completed her graduation six months ago and now is doing her MBA online from Manchester Business School øf ÙK. Zaira writes in her email that it was her dream to do MBA but due lake of opportunity she couldn’t did so. Then she decided to earn MBA degree online. She says that earning a MBA degree is significantly an advantage in today’s competitive job market, yet allocating an MBA programs into one’s busy schedule can be very difficult. Now, you can study your MBA program online from some of the leading accredited online universities without leaving home. Online MBA utilize the advantage of the internet-based technology to deliver MBA programs via the Internet. With the continuing enhancement of Internet technology, including greater use of web cams, there is a high likelihood that the number of programs available online will increase overtime.

She more writes that online degree should be respected just like the traditional MBA degree as the two main factors determining a business school’s respectability is the accreditation and reputation and this shall not depends on whether the MBA degree is obtained through online program or campus-based programs. Any University or school with good reputation will add respectability to their online achievement. Well Zaira thank you so much for contribution. We wish you best of luck about your studies and future.
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    Good Luck Zaira Batool,

    You are so luck studying online from UK schools. How can i do online degree from UK?

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    so zaira congratulate dear . also best wishes. my prays u that Allah help u to achive ur goals and suceed u in ur aims . u must joins shehzad roy’s sahra trust . u can easly conwy ur message . u need plate form . , shehzad inshahlah provide u . best of luck .

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    Lovved ur pic.Would be intrested in being in contact with u on the phone.My cell is 00923349770779 contact me!

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