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Beautiful Paki girls wearing Hijab as a Fashion

Here you can see hot Muslim girls who are wearing hijab. Pakistani girls come in a variety of shapes, sizes and of course dress codes…not least of which is the hijab. Hijab is an Islamic dress code which entails the covering of the hair.

Unlike the commonly held stereotypical belief, however, hijab does not include covering of the face. Face covering(known niqab) are not an Islamic dress code, but actually derived from the culture of the Arab Bedouins and has no basis in Islamic injunctions.

Pakistani girls are wearing hijab nowadays as a Fashion dress, hijab has been cultured in our society as fashion. And arab girls do not think it is fashion, they think it is their identity. But mostly Indian Muslim girls and Pakistani girls wearing hijab as new fashion. Iranian girls and Bengali girls wearing hijab due to Islam and their limitations in society otherwise they are also want be moderate.






fashion models of pakistan





The fashion in Pakistan is not as much frequent as like India or Middle East. Mean to say that the people of Pakistan are not using dress designers for their dresses as like Indian peoples and Indian families. So that’s why the fashion shows in Pakistan are not much frequent as like India and Hollywood. And this id the main reason that the fashion models of Pakistan and fashion modeling in Pakistan is not popular and not much familiar in Pakistani peoples.

When ever the fashion shows held in Pakistan and the Pakistani community visit the shows we have notice that the dresses in the fashion shows are not for normal party or functions. And in Pakistan we can not wear these types of fashion dresses and I don’t know who is the fan of these types of fashion in Pakistan.

And in my opinion the ordinary peoples are not like to use of these types of dresses. The women of Pakistan are usually wear shalwar kamiz and saree and at maximum level the girls of Pakistan may like to wear pant shirt or jeans.

So here are some of Pakistani fashion models pictures in a fashion show held in Karachi, u can see and will be agree with me. And enjoy this really lovely and sexy Pakistani fashion models.


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