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Multani Girls are Hot Pakistani Babes

After long time finally I am here to write about Desi Girls with some good Pakistani girls Photos. I have been noticing majority of guys have been intended to video websites instead photo blogs. As you are familiar Gixmi is just a desi girls blog which write about social and desi topics which are common in our society and demanded.

We have tried to convert this desi network into social website, but majority of people was missing real desi girls photos instead of social profiles which were fake and some was containing sexy and pornographic material.

Finally Gixmi have decided we have to started write again and get rid of that social network related material and have a try to come up with more good desi stuff for Pakistani and Indian guys, And yes off course Bangladeshi Guys are more awaiting for Bengali girls photos with some hot and spicy shots.

Whatsapp and Facebook have really make the lovers close each other and sharing photos has been more easier, Pakistani school girls and Hot Multani Aunties can sent photos in seconds to their boyfriends using mobile number on whatsapp.

If you look at following Multani Girls photo, It has been captured by one of them Boyfriend on Eid Day in Local Park. All are beautiful Pakistani girls, but totally desi village girl look.

Multani Aunty Cell Number:

Miss Rifaat Sultana:  03002562366


Multani Girls on Eid Day in Park

Multani Girls on Eid Day in Park


Beautiful and colorful dresses looks awesome on these Pakistani babes. Desi girls always have shy and more shy-full when you capture their photos with naughty and stupid angels.

And following Pakistani girl do not sharing her Mobile number but happy to share photos on whatsApp and Facebook.

Islamabad Girl Special Pose for Gixmi

Islamabad Girl Special Pose for Gixmi


Desi Girls

Multani Girls with friends

These photos are sent by our friend Maham from Multan, she lives in Shah Rukn-e-Alm Colony Multan. She was visiting Multan fort with her colleagues, and friends.

Maham is so interested to be friend of sincere girls and boys.
She want good friend, so you can contact her, here is her mobile number.
Aleena Ch: 0315-4412481

She had written some thing about Multan and his beauty. Multani girls are most beautiful girls of the Punjab.

Multan is known as the City of Sufis due to the large number of shrines and Sufi saints from the city. The city is full of bazaars, mosques, shrines and ornate tombs. It is located in a bend created by five rivers of the Punjab province. The Sutlej River separates it from Bahawalpur and the Chenab River from Muzaffar Garh. The city has grown to become an influential political and economical center for the country, with a dry port and excellent transport links. Multan is famous for its crops: wheat, cotton and sugar cane as well as mangoes, citrus, guavas and pomegranates.


Desi Girls

Girls from Degree College for Women Multan



Multan in Urdu: is ملتان, in Punjabi is: ملتان، ਮੁਲਤਾਨ is a metropolis in the Punjab Province of Pakistan and it is the capital of Multan District.

Located in the south of Multan Province, the city itself is the sixth most heavily populated within the geographic boundaries of Pakistan. It is found on the east bank of the Chenab River, and almost 1000km from Karachi.

Called ‘the City of the Saints’ Multan is chock-full of bazaars, towering pinnacled mosques, holy shrines and awesomely designed tombs. A network of trains, autoways and air transport has connected Multan to the world. The city is renowned for its’ kind and hospitable residents.

Multan was developed east of the Chenab river about 966 km from Karachi and Multan, is known as the ‘city of enriched with bazaars, mosques, shrines and beautifully designed tombs.

It is just one and a half miles from the Multan airport and the hotel features airport shuttle, audio visual equipment as well as high speed internet access.

Multan is also an important example of old Islamic urbanization. While many historic Islamic centers have lost the greatness of their original character during the twentieth century, Multan has fortunately survived intact, retaining the classic form of a medieval city encircled by rampart and gateways.


Multani girls are very hot and sexy, due to multani weather, puberty ratio is so high, in 12 years teenage girls are ready for sex. Multan’s people are so lovely and humble, they respect others. you must try Multani girls for friendship.


Desi Girls

Manahil From Multan Local Girl


Manahil from Multan Pakistan send us her beautiful picture. This picture was captured in front of mirror by Sabih her young sister. She is regular visitor of and really loves this. She says this is a nice blog to share picture and bios with your friends and also exchange ideas. She sends us some face beauty tips.

Manahil writes that face is the window to your heart. A smiling face can to wonders and a glowing clear face adds to your personality. Taking care of your face is really important. Aging signs are first seen on face and neck, it is important that you take care of your skin early on to avoid the signs of aging. There are few basics on face care which will ensure lasting beauty and glowing skin.

First basic step is to clean the face of the debris and pollution.

Lastly it is necessary to moisturize your skin. This will sum up your face care and will leave your skin all glowing and subtle.