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AXL Rose Net Worth, Early Life, And Career

AXL Rose is one of our favourite singers and songwriters. He became a renowned figure when his album “Appetite for Destruction” came out. After knowing about his success, we all may have the question, What is AXL Rose net worth?

Well, we don’t have the exact amount of Rose’s net worth, but, surely, the amount is around $200 million. He started earning a lot in the late 1980s and early 1990s. This gave him a growing net worth.

Who Is AXL Rose?

AXL Rose, also known as William Bruce Rose Jr., is a musician and songwriter. He is better known as the lyricist and vocalist of “Guns N’ Roses” and “hard rock.”

What Is AXL Rose Net Worth?

Axl Rose’s estimated net worth is around $200 million. This includes his house, car collection, bank statement, and earnings from albums and music tours.

AXL Rose Net Worth

Anyway, Rose earns $50 million per year. His music royalties add $29 million to his net worth. Again, he earns around $1 million per concert.

What Is The Source Of AXL Rose Net Worth?

The main source of Rose’s net worth is his album record. From 2017 to 2018, he earned $20 million. Also, his band was successful in generating $430 from their performances. Besides, AXL was a songwriter, record producer, film producer, and guitarist. These professions were also a reason for his growing income.


AXL’s career started after he came to Los Angeles. There he met Kevin Lawrence, the guitarist, and became a member of his band, Rapidfire. Their band name was Guns N’ Roses. They recorded demo songs like “Reckless Life,” “Shadow of Your Love,” “Anything Goes,” and “Rocker.”

In 1987, Rose and his band recorded their debut album, “Appetite for Destruction.” This album could sell 500,000 copies in its first year. In total, it sold 30 million copies around the world. Their other release was “Sweet Child of Mine.” At that time, this song was in the first position.

The band Guns N’ Roses released another album, “G N’ R Lies,” in 1988. This album sold five million copies in the United States. Their other album was “One in a Million,” which was a part of the controversy. It is because in this song, the public states that they are holding a racist attitude. Due to this controversy, the band was dropped from the list of shows in New York.

Rose came into recognition from “G N’ R Lies” and “Appetite for Destruction.” Then he performed in “Rolling Stone” as a solo artist in 1989.

In 1991, Rose, with his band, released two albums. One is “Use Your Illusion I,” which was positioned as the No. 2 debut. Their other debut was “Use Your Illusion II,” which was No. 1. Guns N’ Roses have sold more than 100 million copies of their album worldwide. So we can say this band was one of the best-selling bands during that decade.

In 1997, almost all band members departed except for AXL Rose and Dizzy Reed. Then the band did not come into the public’s view for many years.

The band Guns N’ Roses came into view in 2001 at “Rock in Rio 3.” This was about commencing the “Chinese Democracy Tour.” After the tour, AXL didn’t come to the surface for a long time. Then in 2008, he showed his skills with his band in “Chinese Democracy.” They also performed in “Rock in Rio” in 2009. In 2012, AXL was called for the induction ceremony of the “Rock and Roll Hall of Fame,” but he didn’t attend it.

Rose was also a part of AC/DC, the hard rock band, in 2016. This happened on the “Rock or Bust World Tour,” and Rose was the lead singer.

In 2018, AXL was visible in “New Looney Tunes,” where he was singing “Rock the Rock.” After three years, in 2021, he worked on an animated film, “Scooby-Doo and Guess Who?” In the same year, he toured with Guns N’ Roses on the “Guns N’ Roses 2020 Tour.” That time they released two songs, e.g., “Hard Skool” and “Absurd.”

Early Life

AXL Rose’s birth name is William Bruce Rose Jr. He was born on February 6, 1962, in Lafayette, Indiana, in the United States. His mother, Sharon Elizabeth, was only 16 years old at that time. She was also studying in high school when she gave birth to Rose. His father, William Bruce Rose, was 20 years old when he became his father. They got divorced when AXL was two years old. It is because his father used to abduct and molest him.

Rose used to live with his mother, and his mother remarried Stephen L. Bailey. Then he used to think Bailey was his biological father.

Rose’s mother modified his name by adding the surname of his stepfather. From then on, his name was William Bruce Bailey. His mother and stepfather shared two children, Stuart and Amy.

AXL Rose Net Worth

William Bruce Rose, AXL Rose’s biological father died in 1984 because he was murdered. However, the Bailey family was very religious. They used to attend Pentecostal churches often. According to Rose, his stepfather used to abuse him and his children. He wanted a distraction from this scenario, so he got involved in music in his early days. He discovered that music was his only source of solace. Also, he used to perform in church choirs, schools, etc.

Later on, Rose learned that his biological father was William Bruce Rose. Then he again adopted his old name, i.e., W. Rose.

Rose was arrested over twenty times when he was a juvenile. After many threats and warnings, he moved to Los Angeles. There he found his band, AXL. From then on, his name was AXL Rose.

Personal Life

AXL Rose was the victim of bipolar disorder. His delinquent behaviours were the symptoms of it. Besides, he used illicit substances and was still not a heavy drug user. In 1986, he took too many painkillers, and for this overdose, he was hospitalised for many days. In 1990, Rose gained faith in homoeopathic medicines. Then he went through past-life regression therapy.

In 1986, AXL was dating Erin Everly. Then they tied the knot in 1990 in Las Vegas. It didn’t take even a month after their marriage for Rose to file for divorce. Finally, their divorce was done in 1991. After a few months, Rose started dating Stephanie Seymour. They both got engaged in 1993 and again separated after a few weeks. Later on, he dated Lana Del Rey.

Real Estate

AXL Rose has a mansion in Malibu worth $3.6 million. He purchased it in 1992. He also has a Porsche for $800,000 and a Ferrari Enzo for $3,800,000. Again, his significant fortune is worth $150,000,000.

Frequently Asked Questions On AXL Net Worth

Is AXL Rose married?

AXL is single now. He was once married to Erin Everly. Now they are no longer together.

How old is AXL Rose?

Rose was born on February 6, 1962; now his age is 61.

How much does AXL Rose make annually?

Rose earns around $50 million per year. He also gets $29 million in music royalties.

Final Thoughts

After a lot of research and calculating the assets, it is evident that AXL Rose net worth is around $200 million. This amount came from his earnings from albums and stage performances. Additionally, Rose has pursued other ventures, including a solo career and occasional acting appearances. All these jobs have contributed a significant portion to his net worth.

Since celebrities are often involved in business ventures and investments, their net worth can fluctuate. So we are expecting a higher net income for AXL Rose in the next year.

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