We see many cat owners using catnip on their cats when they feel restless or worried. Catnip releases their stress by having a calming effect. In such cases, we see their cats flipping and rolling on the floor like they are enjoying it. Dog owners might also want to include catnip in their dogs to have a similar effect. But can dogs have catnip?

Dogs can also enjoy the effect of catnip, although they won’t get a similar effect as cats. But they can have catnip as a mild sedative, along with several nutrients. You can include this herb in your dog’s diet if you want it to offer some health benefits and relaxation.

What Is Catnip?

Catnip is a type of mint, also known as catmint, catwort, and Nepeta cataria. It has an active compound named nepetalactone, which causes behavioural changes in mammals. This compound mainly coats the leaves, stems, and seed pods.

Can Dogs Have Catnip

Many cat toys have the chemical catnip, which helps enhance the mood of cats. However, catnip contains several nutrients, like vitamin C, vitamin E, essential oils, etc.

Can Dogs Have Catnip?

Dogs can have catnip, as it does not contain any toxic substances. Just make sure the quantity is less because dogs can’t rely on plant-based foods.

Catnips usually react to cats; when they eat them, they become sleepy and buzzy. It is because the compound nepetalactone reacts with their vomeronasal organ, which dogs also have. Yet, dogs don’t get as many effects as cats get from catnip. They may have a light sedation from this herb. However, catnip is a healthy treat for dogs, and if you want, you can use it as a mild sedative for them.

How Much Catnip Can Dogs Have?

Whether you are adding catnip to your dog’s food or drink, keep the quantity the same. You can add one teaspoon of catnip to your dog’s diet if he is a large breed. For small breeds, it should not be more than half a teaspoon.

How To Give Catnip To Dogs?

The quantity of catnip should be less for dogs. They rely on animal-based protein, not plant-based nutrients. Hence, some dogs are even allergic to catnip. So first, try offering the slightest amount of catnip to your canine friend. If he can cope with taste, you may offer him some more, maintaining the right quantity.

Before you give catnip to your dog, make sure it is fresh and wash it thoroughly. Then tear it into small pieces and use it as toppings on your dog’s meal. You can also try mixing the small pieces of catnip with the water that your dog will drink.

Benefits Of Having Catnip For Dogs

Many cat owners use catnip to calm their cats, as it has a calming compound with several nutrients. Luckily, this herb can benefit your dog as well.

Catnip can be compared to a mild sedative. When your dog can’t sleep or is feeling restless, catnip can make him feel sleepy and relax his hormones.

Along with sleeping issues, catnip can also help with anxiety. This will calm his nerves and make him feel better.

When your dog chews catnip, he will naturally produce a concentration of mosquito repellent. As a result, he can stay safe from mosquito and insect bites.

Since catnip belongs to the mint family, it can help with an upset stomach as well.

Risks Of Having Catnip For Dogs

As said earlier, catnip contains essential oils along with some vitamins. Dogs and other mammals find essential oils a bit icky, especially when they consume them. Some dogs are even allergic to essential oils. In that case, eating catnip can cause itchiness and rashes.

Can Dogs Have Catnip

Again, eating too much catnip can upset your dog’s stomach. He may vomit constantly and have watery poop for a few hours.

When Can Dogs Have Catnip?

We know dogs seek animal-based foods, not plant-based foods. Some dogs can’t even withstand the taste of plant-based foods. If you ever see your dog acting after eating a veggie, herbs like catnip may not be safe for them. Besides, an allergic dog can’t have a single bite of catnip.

Before you sprinkle the pieces of catnip on your dog’s food, make sure he has no allergies. Also, he should not have any health issues. This is because catnip can sometimes react with medications and make health issues worse.

Frequently Asked Questions: Can Dogs Have Catnip?

Is there anything like dognip?

Just like for cats, there is catnip; for dogs, there is also dognip. This is known as anise. Dognip reacts differently from catnip. Dognip makes dogs and other mammals more playful and giddy. Many dog owners use it in their dogs’ diets to make their dogs lovely.

What does catnip do to dogs?

Catnip makes dogs feel sleepy as it produces a calming effect on them. Additionally, dogs will have a better digestive system after eating this herb.

How long does catnip last on dogs?

When dogs eat catnip, they will feel dizzy and sleepy. This calming effect will stay with dogs for about one to two hours. For some dogs, this herb may last for half an hour or not react at all.

Can you give catnip toys to dogs?

Catnip toys are mainly designed for cats, as their chemical compound reacts with cats better. So it would be better if you let your dog play with dognip toys, not catnip toys. Dognip toys work better with dogs, and their chemical compounds make them feel more playful.

Final Thoughts

Since catnip does not suit all dogs, you might still think, Can dogs have catnip? The answer is yes if your dog can eat catnip comfortably. If you ever see that your dog is vomiting and having watery poop after having a catnip, don’t feed it to him anymore.

Catnip is mainly made for cats, not dogs. That’s why many vets don’t approve of offering catnip to dogs. Besides, their health record is something to consider. So offer catnip to your dog only when your vet allows you to do so.