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Once i was travelling in Bus and a Pakistani aunty was sitting quite close to me, and she was in her 50. It was winter and quite silent inside the Bus. I heard the music tone of Punjabi MC ” mur mur ka ni layorney hai baar, Mundian to bach ke rahin”. I looked back and it was Pakistani aunty. She got the new set of Nokia but she didnt know how to press the button to listen it and indian music was scattering smiles all around Razz

After a while , i heard the ring again and this time , someone’s else mobile phone was ringing but Pakistani aunty was putting his phone on ear and trying to say Hello , hello , speak loud Razz .

whenever i travel in Pakistan International airline and if i get the seat besides any Pakistani aunty, she will try to sleep on both seats as soon as i go at toilet. She looks at watch and ask” why is this Plane going so slow today” Rolling Eyes I always telll them that there is speed limit aunty Razz .

The most interesting thing is that our auntis visit the entire shopping center but at end they only buy onion or potato and wait for grand sales for clothes Razz

I ws taking the breakfast in McDonlad in Ramadan and a Pakistani aunty appears , She came close to me and said ” U also became white ” Rolling Eyes
I told her that there are some specific days in month when men can not keep the Fast Embarassed

Once i had friendship wid a married Pakistani aunty. She used to drive me out . I always have to hide between the back two seats of car. Thanks police never discovered me . It was an attempt to hide from her husband and her husband’s friends.

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Our aunties make lot of argument with shop keepers , they travel 2 kilometer extra in temperature 35C inorder to save 2 Dhs Smile .

Unlike Desi aunties , Arabic auntis always focus on cooking and eating . After 40 years they are unable to walk because of weight . They are having headscarf but their daughters are always with western touch jeans Razz . These arab aunties sit togeather and start back biting each other when their husbands go at work. Smile .

As well as english auntis are concerned , they stand at windown in the morning and see all people going at school and at work. If u walk twice from the same street they will call to police Razz One day u see the ambulance and hear that she died 2 weeks back and someone discovered it today.

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