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Goody’s Essex home up for sale


The Essex home of late Jade Goody, where she breathed her last, is up for sale for 949,999 pounds.

The country house of the former reality star has four bedroom, two ensuite bathrooms, a paddock and more than an acre of land.

Goody died on March 22 after a highly-publicised battle with cervical cancer.

The initial price for the property is 250,000 pounds more than what she paid for it two years ago when she bought it for 750,000 pounds, ‘Daily Mail’ reported.

The money from the sale of the property will be added to the trust fund, which has been set up for Goody’s two sons –five-year-old Bobby and four-year-old Freddy, who are now living with their father Jeff Brazier.

Goody’s mother Jackiey said, “The money from the sale will be put in a trust fund for the boys when they are older.”

The former Big Brother star, who had moved in the house with boyfriend Jack Tweed, had left it up to Tweed and Jackiey to decided when to put the house on the market.

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