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Gunna Net Worth, Early Life, And Career

According to the Celebrity Net Worth, Gunna has an estimated net worth of $4 million. Gunna is one of the top-rated rappers in America who has accumulated numerous assets and accolades. He has established an accomplished hip-hop career with exceptional talent and unique music flow.

Gunna’s fans are curious about Gunna net worth, lifestyle, personal life, and professional life. This article will explore all the information about the American singer Gunna.

Real Name ServioGiavanni Kitchens
Stage Name Gunna, Wunna
Net Worth $4 million
Annual Revenue $0.3 million
Monthly Income $30k
Profession Rapper, Songwriter
Date of Birth June 14, 1993
Age 30 Years
Marital Status Single
Height 7 ft 10 inch

Gunna Net Worth

As of 2023, Gunna has accumulated $4 million in net worth throughout his career. During his professional journey, he has faced a lot of ups and downs. Despite hardships, he has become a self-made millionaire and one of the most successful rappers in the American music industry.

Furthermore, according to our research, Gunna’s yearly revenue is $0.3 million, and monthly income is $30k. With his exceptional proficiency, Gunna has increased his net worth year by year and also takes high remuneration per show.

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Gunna Net Worth

Like other celebrities, Gunna has multiple resources to generate a handsome amount yearly. These sources significantly enriched his financial portfolio, including his net worth and wealth. Though the prime source of his net worth is music sales, he has also engaged in collaboration, brand endorsement, advertisements, and merchandising sales.

The Growth of Gunna Net Worth

2023 $4 million
2022 $3.5 million
2021 $3 million
2020 $2.5 million
2019 $2 million

Early Life and Education

The Real name of Gunna is Sergio Giovanni Kitchens, also known as Wunna and Yung Gunna. Gunna was born in College Park, Georgia, on June 14, 1993. He was raised by his mother, along with his four brothers. When he was 15, he started his music career by composing his music.

He has joined several institutions to pursue his education, including Ronald E. McNair, Langston Hughes High School, and North Springs Charter High School.

Gunna’s Assets

Throughout his career, Gunna has built an empire of wealth and accolades. As a celebrity, he leads a lavish lifestyle. He owns several houses, cars, and other valuable things. His primary home is in California, where he spends most of his time. In addition, his collection has multiple branded cars, including the Dodge Challenger GT.

Career and Major Success

Though Gunna started writing songs when he was 15, he emerged professionally in the music industry in 2013. His first mixtape ”Hard Body” was released in 2013. Considering his immense popularity, he chose the stage name ”Gunna”. He has released several single tracks, mixtapes, and albums throughout his career. One of his popular mixtapes is ”Drip Season,” released in 2016.

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Gunna got much popularity and recognition after releasing his mixtape ”Drip Season.” This mixtape has spotlighted the appearance of Lil Duke, Thug, Niche, and other celebrities. After this massive success, he released ”Drip Season 2” in 2017.

Gunna released another hit album, ”Drip or Drown 2” in 2019, which attained top 3 position on the Billboard 200. Through this album, he earned a massive amount of fame. After that, he released multiple hit albums, along with collaboration. In his mixtape ”Drip Harder,” Gunn collaborated with Lil Baby. He also collaborated with the famous singer Nav on the song ”Turks” in 2020.

Here is a list of Gunna’s albums

  1. Wunna (2020)
  2. Drip Season 3 (2018)
  3. Drip Harder (2018)
  4. Drip or Drown 2 (2019)

Here is a list of Gunna’s Songs

  1. Skybox
  2. Speed It Up
  3. Top Off
  4. Argentina
  5. Dolly
  6. Outta My Way
  7. Heatin Up
  8. Oh Okay
  9. Yosemite

Charitable Endeavours

Gunna is also known for his philanthropic works and helping nature. With his elegance, he has helped many needy people bring their smiles back. According to our research, Gunna collaborated with Goodr, which works for food relief.

Gunna Net Worth

Controversial History

Throughout Gunna’s successful career, he has had one particular controversy. He was arrested in 2022. This incident cast a gloom in his professional career. The young rapper Thug was taken into custody under the charge of drug possession. According to the investigation, they were stolen drugs in a plan to sell them.

In October 2022, Gunna was denied release from jail for this heinous act. He pleaded guilty in December and was punished for five years in prison. However, he was released on the same day with some conditions of law. Contemplating this controversy, some people considered Gunna guilty, and others thought he was innocent.

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Gunna’s Fandom

Gunna has a dedicated fanbase, and all music enthusiasts love his performance. As a social media influencer, he has many fans and followers on his social media account. He has almost 4.7 million followers on his Instagram, almost 2.7 million followers on Facebook, and nearly 2.6 million on his Twitter account.

Besides, this famous personality owns a YouTube channel with almost 2.47 million subscribers. Gunna’s fandoms are his strength and play a vital role in his music career.

FAQ about Gunna Net Worth

What is Gunna famous for?

Gunna is a prominent American rapper, usually famous for his unique music style, melodies, and heart-touching lyrics.

What is the net worth of Gunna?

As of 2023, Gunna has a lucrative net worth of $4 million.

How much does Gunna expense annually?

According to our research, Gunna’s annual expenses are $45,000.

What is the current age of Gunna?

As of 2023, Gunna is 30 years old.

What is the primary source of Gunna net worth?

The primary source of Gunna net worth is his music sales.

Final Thoughts

As an influential personality, Gunna has become a successful rapper in the American music industry and gained a lucrative net worth.

In his professional journey, Gunna encountered the rollercoaster of life, including multiple challenges. Overcoming all the negative situations was the testimony of his dedication, determination, and hard work.

With his artistic talent, he captivates people’s attention and shows his rhythmic charisma. The story of Gunna’s journey motivates us to overcome all the difficulties smartly and focus on our priorities.

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