Iranian Girls,

Problems To Marry Iranian Girl

Are you in love with an Iranian girl? Are you gonna ask her to marry you and be you forever wife? Honestly, Good Idea. Iranian women are very loyal to their family.


Yet always every country has its laws for marriage, so does Iran. If you have a non Iranian nationality, mean if you are a foreigner, There are problems to marry your wife.

Previously, it was very easy for non-Iranian to come to Iran and marry their girl. Usually they used to pass a short process, sign some papers, then have an Islamic Legal Nikah and marry their girl forever. They could easily take her to their country and have happy life. In this way, many Pakistanis, Arabs and westerners got married to Iranian girl in Iran.


Yet after a while, some Iranian boys tried to use the opportunity. They made themselves such a very rich handsome foreigner and proposed girls to marry them. Those stupid girls used to believe they are real rich handsome foreigners. Dreaming to live in the west, and its glamour, had made their eyes blind to see the reality. At the moment those boys worked good on girls’ mind. When they were completely sure that girl is in love with them, they asked her to give them some money, for they have “Dollars” and don’t want converting it to “IR Rials”. Anyway those poor girls used to sell their gold sets and take their cash from bank and give them to the dishonest guy. And before having legal marriage, he would run away.


After too many protests from girls to family court , Iranian ministry of justice tried to find a solution. And they found finally.

Since then, all Iranian guys who want to marry a foreigner girl, don’t have any problem. Yet when a foreigner guy want to marry an Iranian girl, both of them need to pass a long process and give some documents to prove their honesty. A letter from Interpol ( International Criminal Police Organization ) that the man hasn’t had any crime before and never went to jail. A letter from country of origin that by now the man is not married to other woman in his country and he is known as single, And if the woman is Muslim, based on Islamic rule, a letter that proves the guy converted to Islam too.

The girl also need to give kind of document. Personally I think it is very good job to support girls, for they finally get sure with who they gonna marry. Yet the process is too long and frustrating and takes almost 2 or 3 months and both girl and boy must stay in Iran until finishing the process. It is long time for a couple who know each other enough and dont need to go through the process. Usually the guy bcs of his job or his visa, can not stay that long in Iran. At the moment, they can easily go to Turkey and marry in a week. So why they have to pass that long time?

Culture of Iran, particularly culture of big cities, allow boy and girl to be as girl friend and boy friend. Most of time the relationship is under control of family, yet sometimes they have sexual relationships too. Yet when they get engaged, all family expect them to have a wedding and start their married life. There is not kind of too long engagement in Iran. The most time can be 2 years, and not over that. Anyway, families are commited to have Islamic lifetime Nikah for engagement.

There is no limitation after Nikah for new couple to be with each other, yet they are always adviced strongly to have a wedding in short time and go to their home.

I know it is not culture of many western countries. They have longterm engagement, even 5, 6, 7 or 8 years or sometimes more. And even after that long time maybe they don’t marry at all, or they marry when they have babies. So a westerner who gonna marry an Iranian girl sometimes gets confused by this culture.

About dowry or big wedding, it is related to couple. And nowadays those are girl and boy who decide about having or not to have a dowry or wedding.


Anyway, Girl in Iranian culture is always respected and a lovely part of family. More parents love to have girl for their first baby instead of boy. When Iranian family has a girl, they like to introduce to every single person they see that they have girl.

There are legal and cutural problems to marry an Iranian girl. There are good and bad people every where, but most of the time, married life will be fortunate. Anyway
I took the idea of the post, when i was checking my Search Engine Terms and i saw somebody has searched this sentence: “problems with marrying a girl from iran”. It was just interesting for me!

Updated: For some reasons, i had to change the foto. The new foto is a sign for Iranian ministry of foreigner affairs in Iran..

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