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Public Spectacles: Sexy Stars in Corrective Lenses


Laser eye surgery may be up there with breast augmentations and butt implants as the must-have procedures in Hollywood, but not every celeb is ready to take off the specs.

Thank goodness for Rihanna and Johnny Depp. Nothing says, “Sure, I’m a star, but I’m also a serious person who thinks about life’s mysteries and suffers from minor astigmatism” than a pair of expensive eyeglasses.

But that’s not why we sought out the biggest stars in the trendiest frames. We compiled these pics because some stars just look freakin’ hot wearing frames. Yeah, we said it.

Take a pass at these stars in glasses and we dare you to disagree. Remember, only hindsight is 20/20: The sexiest celebs need corrective lenses.

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