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Rihanna: Dazzling at DKMS Gala


Venturing out for another public appearance, Rihanna showed off her attention-grabbing style at DKMS’ 3rd Annual Gala in New York City on Thursday night (May 7).

Held at Cipriani 42nd Street, the Barbadian beauty looked lovely in a sparkly top with a bright pink skirt and black leather boots ash she made her way from her hotel to to charity fete.

“All the proceeds raised will go directly to enrolling bone marrow donors,” Katharina Harf, EVP of DKMS Americas, told press. “All the support we have received will enable us to help patients who depend on donors to give them a chance at new life. Our immediate goal is to reach 2 million bone marrow donors to help save the lives of more leukemia patients around the world.”

“There is a misconception that donating bone marrow is a complicated, painful procedure. Actually, there are two ways to donate, and both procedures are outpatient. If we can educate people on how easy the registration and donation processes are, everyone will sign up, since it’s a chance to save a life,” added Harf.

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