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Tabassom Zari A Travel Guide From New Zealand


Tabassom Zari is beautiful Iranian girl currently settled in New Zealand. Tabassom tells that she was settled in New Zealand five years ago with her complete family. After the completion of her post graduation Tabassom start her profession as a travel guide. And today she is going to tell about New Zealand. Tabassom says that New Zealand is becoming more and more popular as a tourist destination during the northern hemisphere winter so the summers in New Zealand are becoming more populated. If you really want to stay anywhere, when ever you want you will find 1st May until the end of September quiet, with great deals for accommodation, vehicles, and activities. The middle of this period is New Zealand’s winter with the ski areas around New Zealand open for business.

Tabassom more tells New Zealand is a geographically breathtaking country with glacier carved mountains, lakes, beaches, thermal springs, sub tropical pools etc., and where you can enjoy everything from skiing to surfing, from fishing to mountain climbing.

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