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Elizabeth Olsen Net Worth, Early Life, And Career

We all know Elizabeth Olsen. She is one of our favourite American actresses. She is still recognized, especially for her roles in “Martha Marcy May Marlene,” “Captain America: The Winter Soldier,” and in many more films. Seeing her success we all may wonder, what is Elizabeth Olsen net worth?

Now Olsen’s net worth is $12 million. She is successful in achieving this growing net worth because of her acting career. Again, her house, cars, bank statements, investments, brand partnerships, and endorsements hold a portion of her net worth. Now let’s see how this famous actress could earn a high income and still favourite to us.

Who Is Elizabeth Olsen?

Elizabeth Olsen is a famous American actress. She stepped into the acting world in the early 2000s. She is better known for her films “Martha Marcy May Marlene,” “Godzilla,” “Silent House,” and many more. Her character as “Wanda Maximoff / Scarlet Witch” is still in her fans’ hearts.

Olsen is also known as the sister of famous twin designers Mary-Kate and Ashley. She worked on their projects in childhood.

What is Elizabeth Olsen Net Worth?

After working in several films, dramas, and series, Elizabeth Olsen net worth is now $12 million. Her net worth, includes her monthly income, annual income, bank statements, house, car collections, and investments.

Source Of Elizabeth Olsen Net Worth

Elizabeth Olsen’s earnings used to come from her acting roles. In one year she makes $2 million. Besides, she used to make $2 million from each film. In the film “Avengers: Endgame” she made $3 million. She used to earn $875,000 per episode of her series.

Elizabeth Olsen Net Worth

Elizabeth owns a house in Los Angeles which is a significant part of her net worth. Again she owns a Toyota Prius. She doesn’t have lots of cars. Besides, she published some books with her husband. So she gets book royalties too.

Early Life

Elizabeth Olsen, the famous actress was born on 16 February 1989. Her birth place is Sherman Oaks, California. Her mother’s name is Jarnie, she was a professional dancer. Her father’s name was Dave, and he was a real estate agent. Elizabeth is the younger sister of Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, twin designers. Besides, she has an elder brother, a younger half-sister, and a younger half-brother. In 1996 Olsen’s parents were separated.

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen were the twin fashion designers. They became successful at an early age. When Elizabeth was four years old, she worked on her twin sisters’ projects. In 1994, she worked in the film “How the West Was Fun.” She also worked as a child actor in the film “The Adventures of Mary-Kate & Ashley.” Besides, Elizabeth used to join acting classes and used to visit a musical theatre. However, from 2004, she wasn’t the media’s face for a long time.

Elizabeth Olsen completed her primary and secondary studies at the “Campbell Hall School.” This was in Studio City, California. Then Olsen completed her graduation from New York University in 2013.


Elizabeth Olsen came into audience recognition in 2011 after her first debut film was released. This was a thrilling film, “Martha Marcy May Marlene.” As a leading role, Olsen earned many rewards for this film. Her next movie was a horror movie, “Silent House.” From this, she got many rave reviews.

Olsen was also visible in a comedy-drama of 2012, “Liberal Arts,” and in a thriller film, “Red Lights.” She also played a role in a biographical drama, “Kill Your Darlings.” There she was visible in the character of  Edie Parker, a novelist’s wife.

Elizabeth’s other role was “Oldboy,” which was an American remake of a South Korean film. Her character’s name was Marie Sebastian. In 2003, she was a part of the play “Romeo and Juliet.” This was for an off-Broadway production.

Olsen’s other movie was “In Secret,” which was released in 2014. “Godzilla” was also one of her movies where she played an active role.

In 2015, Elizabeth did a movie, “Avengers: Age of Ultron.” There, she was playing the character of “Wanda Maximoff / Scarlet Witch.” In the same year,  she did another movie, “Captain America: The Winter Soldier.” In 2016, she was in the film “Captain America: Civil War,” in 2018, she was in “Avengers: Infinity War,” and in 2019, she was in “Avengers: Endgame.”

Olsen’s other other biographical film was “I Saw the Light,” which was released in 2015. In 2017, she was noticed in “Wind River” as an FBI agent. Her comedy-drama film was “Ingrid Goes West” where she was presented as a social media influencer. Afterwards, she worked in a Netflix film, “Kodachrome” and in a web television series, “Sorry for Your Loss.”

Elizabeth was in the starring of television miniseries, “WandaVision.” This premiered in 2021 on Disney+. In 2022, she worked in the film “Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.” Then she performed in a biographical crime drama, “Love and Death.” There she played the role of housewife. Hopefully, her next film is ‘The Assessment.”

Personal Life

From 2011, Olsen was in a relationship with Boyd Holbrook and broke up in 2014. In 2019, she got engaged to the singer, Robbie Arnett. They dated for around three years. Now Olsen and Robbie Arnett share a home in Los Angeles. They both worked on some children’s books, like “Hattie Harmony: Worry Detective” which was published in 2022. Their other book was “Hattie Harmony: Opening Night” which was published in 2023.

Awards And Achievements

Olsen got several awards for her first debut film. Such as the “Independent Spirit Award for Best Female Lead” and the “Critics’ Choice Movie Award for Best Actress.” In 2013, she was nominated for “BAFTA Rising Star Award”. Again in 2018, she was nominated for the “Critics’ Choice Television Award for Best Actress in a Drama Series.”

Elizabeth Olsen Net Worth

Olsen earned the “Primetime Emmy Award.” After that, she was nominated for the “Outstanding Lead Actress in a Limited or Anthology Series or Movie” and the “Golden Globe Award.”

Frequently Asked Questions: Elizabeth Olsen Net Worth

What is Elizabeth Olsen’s height?

The American actress Elizabeth Olsen is 5 feet 6 inches.

How old is Elizabeth Olsen?

Elizabeth Olsen was born on 16 February 1989. So in 2023, she will be 34 years old.

To what religion does Elizabeth Olsen belong to?

Olsen is an atheist. She adopted this religion when she was 13 years old.

How much did Elizabeth Olsen earn from the movie Marvel?

Elizabeth Olsen got paid $2 million for her movie Marvel.

Final Thoughts

No doubt, Elizabeth Olsen is still one of our favourite actresses. She worked on several projects, films, series, etc. After a long time of work, Elizabeth Olsen net worth is $12 million.

Since celebrities like Olsen are involved with investments and brand partnerships, their net worth can fluctuate. Hence, we are expecting a higher net worth of Elizabeth in the next year.

Anyway, the roles and films of this actress will hold a special place in the public’s heart.

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