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Mike Myers Net Worth, Early Life, and Career

Mike Myers is an influential personality in the film industry. He contributed to almost every section of filmmaking. Today, we will discover Mike Myers net worth, early life, and career.

Who is Mike Myers?

Mike Myers is a Canadian-American actor, director, and producer. He is famous for his comedic acting. Mike earned a lot of accolades in his entire career. Besides films, he also appeared in several popular Canadian television programs.

Short Bio of Mike Myers

Full Name Michael John Myers
Birthdate May 25, 1963 (age 60)
Birthplace Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Nationality Canadian, American
Height 5’ 8” (1.73  m)
Profession Actor, Comedian, Screenwriter, Producer, director
Social Media Instagram, Twitter
Net Worth $250 million

Mike Myers Net Worth

Mike Myers’s net worth in 2023 is estimated to be 250 million U.S. dollars. Being a successful filmmaker is the main reason behind this massive net worth. He made a lot of films that went viral worldwide and earned millions at the box office. As an actor, Mike also acted in many superhit films.

Early Life

Mike Myers was born in Scarborough, Toronto, Canada. He has two older brothers named Paul and Peter. His mother, Alice “Bunny” E, worked as a data processor in a private company, and his father, Eric Myers, was an insurance agent.

Mike Myers Net Worth

They both were English immigrants from the Old Swan in Liverpool,  England. During World War II, Mike’s mother served in the Women’s Royal Air Force, and his father in the British Army.

Mike started high school at Sir John A. Macdonald Collegiate Institute and then moved to Stephen Leacock Collegiate Institute, where he completed his graduation in 1982. After this, Mike and his family moved to North York City.

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Surces Behind Mike Myers Net Worth


Mike made his film debut in Wayne’s World (1992). In this film, He played the starring character of Wayne Campbell. The film enormously succeeded by earning 183.1 million at the box office. Film rating website IMDb rated this film 7 out of 10. As a debut film, it was a massive success for Mike.

In the following year, Mike also starred in the American romantic black comedy film So I Married an Axe Murderer. This film also earned millions at the box office. In the same year, he starred in Wayne’s World 2, which is the second sequenced movie of his debut film Wayne’s World.

In 1998, Mike starred in three films: 54, The Thin Pink Line, and Pete’s Meteor. All of these succeeded at the box office and earned a lot.

Because of these successful records, Mike became a highly demanded and high-paying actor in the industry. As a result, he got many film offers and starred in several hit films, like Inglourious Basterds, Being Canadian, I Am Chris Farley, Bohemian Rhapsody, and so on.

Mike’s last film, Amsterdam, was released in 2022. This film went viral worldwide and earned 31.2 million at the box office.

Mike received a vast payment for every film he acted in, which became a significant source of his net worth.


Mike started his production career by producing a comedy film titled Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery. This film earned a total of $67.7 million at the box office, where the filmmaking cost was only $16.5 million.

Because of this incredible success, Mike released two more sequences of his debut production, Austin Powers. Both of these earned around $600 million in total.

In 2008, he produced another hit film, The Love Guru. It became very popular and earned Mike over $20 million in profit.

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Besides films, Mike also produced 20 episodes of The Gong Show (2017-2018) and six episodes of The Pentaverate (2022). All of Mike’s production projects were successful and earned him a massive profit.


Besides films, Mike became an influential personality on television.  He starred in many long-running television television shows and series.  In 1975, Mike made his television debut by appearing in King of Kensington’s episode of “Scout’s Honour.”

Later, in 1987, Mike became a regular cast member of It’s Only Rock & Roll. He completed 13 episodes of this series. In the following year, He appeared in Saturday Night Live and completed 121 episodes.

Mike Myers Net Worth

Mike made guest appearances in many popular television shows and series, such as The Littlest Hobo, Wide Awake Club, Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, and so on. Mike also hosted the 1997 and 2008 MTV Movie Awards. From 2017 to 2018, he hosted 20 episodes of ABC’s talent contest, The Gong Show.

Those television programs paid Mike a good amount for his every appearance, which significantly increased his net worth.

Voice Over

Mike has voice-over in several popular animated films and television cartoon series. In 2001, Mike became the voice artist of the popular animation film series Shrek. He voiced the lead character and continued it for three films of this series. It earned over $2 billion at the box office.

Mike also voiced The Last Knight in 2017. This film went viral worldwide and earned approximately $30.5 million.

In television, Mike voiced several popular TV programs, such as Meet Julie, Shrek the Halls, and Scared Shrekless. Mike was paid a high amount for every voice-over project.

Music Videos

In 1999, Mike was featured in famous artist Madonna’s music video Beautiful Stranger. This song ranked on more than 30 music rating charts across the world and made 1 million sales. Later, it was uploaded to YouTube and archived 20 million views.

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After this successful collaboration, Mike was featured in Britney Spears’s music video Boys in 2002. It made 35,000 sales at that time, and later, in 2009, it was uploaded to YouTube. Currently, this music video has a total of 58 million views on YouTube.

In 2003, Mike featured with the famous rock band Smash Mouth and appeared on their single Hang On. It also gained massive popularity. All of these collaborative music videos became very popular, and those artists paid Mike good payments to feature in their music videos.


Mike Myers won 29 awards and was nominated for 43 times. The most significant of those 38 winning awards are as follows.

  • Pretty Funny Male Performance in the film
  • Outstanding Writing in a Variety or Music Program
  • Documentary of the Year
  • Best Comedic Performance
  • Best Ensemble Performance

Personal Life

Mike Myers married Robin Ruzan on May 22, 1993. But they got divorced in December 2005. Later, Mike started dating scenic artist Kelly Tisdale in 2006. They married in late 2010 in New York City.


What is Mike Myers net worth in 2023?

Mike Myers’s net worth in 2023 is estimated to be 250 million U.S. dollars.

What made Mike Myers famous?

Mike Myers is famous for his comedic acting, producing and writing. Also, his voice-over projects went viral worldwide.

Did Mike Myers write Shrek?

No, Mike Myers didn’t write the Shrek series. He just gave voice to the Shrek character.

Is Mike Myers a US citizen?

Yes, Mike Myers has three citizenships, including Canada, England, and the United States.

Final Thoughts

Mike Myers net worth is a result of his multi-skills. He did his best in films, television, and voice-overs to gain enormous success. These successful records led to his lavish financial status.

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