Vanna White Net Worth, Early Life, Career

If you are a broadcast enthusiast, you might have heard the name of a broadcast called Wheel of Fortune. It may be your favourite one. Did you like the co-host, Vanna White? Like you, many became a fan of this talented actress and want to know more about Vanna White, specially her Net Worth.

In today’s article, we will disclose every single piece of information about Vanna White. So without any delay, let’s dive into the article.

Who is Vanna White?

Vanna White is a popular television personality who is an absolute example of beauty with a brain. Furthermore, she is an actress and model. It is known that Vanna is one of the richest actresses in America. She has built a fan base with her beauty and acting skills. People appreciate her work and personality.

Except for her acting, she is a successful game show host. She has a large audience that always encourages her.

In addition, Vanna White is a successful businesswoman. She is a renowned public figure in America. Vanna has multiple career opportunities.

Vanna White Net Worth

Moreover, Vanna White was the most encouraging contestant who was confronted with a Guinness World Record’. As she has clapped more than 3.9 million times, she holds that record.

Key points about Vanna White:

Net Worth $85 million
Born February 18, 1957
Birthplace Conway, South Carolina
Nationality American
Profession Television actress, Author
Height 5 feet 6 inches


How Much Is Vanna White Net Worth?

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Vanna White Net Worth is around $85 million. The sources of her net worth are many, as she is a popular figure in television. Her main earning source is ‘Wheel of Fortune’. She has been a part of this show for four decades.

There is no doubt that she became one of the most famous personalities on Tv. People have started to love Vanna White as their icon. She became an inspiration for many young girls.

However, a short list of Vanna White’s Net Worth is given below:

$12 Million (2000)

$29 Million (2005)

$55 Million(2010)

$72 Million(2015

$85 Million(2023)

The Sources of Vanna White Net Worth

The sources of Vanna White net worth are Many. Vanna White is not just a name, she has all the fame and wealth. She is a successful lady with an estimated $85 million net worth. Some sources of Vanna White net Worth are given below:

Wheel of Fortune

Vanna White became more popular because of the Wheel of Fortune. This show is the primary source of Vanna White Net Worth. Since 1982, she has been a member of ‘Wheel of Fortune’. Her role is as the co-host of the program.

Vanna White Net Worth

Vanna White gets an annual salary of $3 million from this show. Her appearance makes this show more attractive. She gained fame because of this show.

Investment and Brand promotion

As Vanna White is a popular personality, she works with many renowned brands and promotes their products. This is also one of her ways of earning money. In addition, she has invested in many startup companies and renowned companies. She is also an investor.

This popular face has invested in jewellery, including diamonds, makeup products, and clothes. She got a partnership from ‘Lion Brand’.

As An Author

Vanna White is a bestselling author, which is one of the sources of her earnings. She got $250 Million for her book Vanna Speaks.

Early Life

Vanna White, the American Television actress, was born on February 18, 1957, in Conway, South Carolina. Her full name is Vanna Marie Rosich. After the separation of her parents, her mother remarried.

Vanna graduated from North Myrtle Beach High School. Later, she switched careers and became a fashion designer.

Furthermore, In 1978, she was one of the contestants in ‘Miss Georgia USA’. She got her position as the fourth runner-up.

Maybe that was the beginning of her journey. She had a passion for fashion.

Vanna White’s Career

Except for fashion, Vanna was passionate about acting. She wanted to pursue her career in the acting industry. That is the reason she shifted to Los Angeles in 1979.

She got fame in ‘Wheel of Fortune’ in 1980. She was recognized for her elegant appearance.


In addition, Vanna White was awarded a Guinness World Record for her surprising clapping. She had clapped 3 million times throughout the 30 seasons of ‘Wheel of Fortune.

Moreover, Vanna White pursued her career in modelling. She has been working for many brands as a model. In May 1987, Vanna appeared in the magazine ‘Playboy’. She was on the cover of the magazine. This American TV actress is the face of many brands.

 Personal Life

In 1980, Vanna White dated an actor named John Gibson. It is said that they were engaged. However, unfortunately, John Gibson died in a plane crash.

After that, she married a successful man named George Santo, who was a renowned restaurant owner. They got married in 1990 but got divorced in 2002. The couple have two children named ‘Nicholas’ and Gia.

However, it has been heard that Vanna has been dating a contractor named ‘John Donaldson’.

Some Popular Works Of Vanna White

  1. Wheel of Fortune
  2. Fresh off the Boat
  3. Marie
  4. Just Shoot Me
  5. The King of Queens
  6. Style and Substance
  7. Naked Gun
  8. Gypsy Angles
  9. L.A. Law
  10. CBS Schoolbreak Special

 FAQ on Vanna White Net Worth

 What is Vanna White’s salary per year?

Vanna White gets a $3 million annual salary from ‘Wheel of Fortune.

 How old is Vanna White now?

Vanna White, the beautiful lady, is now 66 years old. Still, she has mesmerizing beauty.

 Who was the first host of Wheel of Fortune?

The name of the first host of Wheel of Fortune is Chuck Woolery. He hosted the series from 1975 to 1981.

 When did Vanna stop turning letters?

Vanna stopped turning letters in 1997.

Final Thoughts

Vanna White is a name of inspiration. She struggled a lot to have a successful career. After overcoming all the obstacles, she is now a popular face on American television. Vanna White net worth is growing day by day. According to the last update in 2023, her net worth is $85 million.

With her talent and skills, she has achieved everything. Vanna was the most demanding face of that time. Though her age is just a number, she still holds that much beauty.

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